Disclaimer : Information on locations, times, dates are subject to change, it is wise to check out the official page for an individual event for the latest information.

There are several active local gaming groups in Ventura County. There are even more groups a short drive down the 101 into the San Fernando Valley, and even more down in Los Angeles. Most of these groups use Meetup.com as a platform to organize events and communicate with members of their group.


What is Meetup.com ?

Meetup.com is a commercial website used to organize groups of people with a shared interest. To join a group on Meetup you first need to register with Meetup, registering is free. Please be aware that individual Meetup groups can charge money to be a member of their group. Check each groups membership rules and conditions.

The advantages of using Meetup is it allows the organizers great flexibility in the ability to create events, both reoccurring events and special events. This includes managing the RSVP list of attendees, specifying the event location and time.

Even so, Meetup is by no means the only option if you want to organize a group of people; Facebook , Yahoo, Google, Eventbrite, Board Game Geek and other platforms also allow the organization of groups or the creation of events. Along with over 30 million members, an advantage of using Meetup is they are a specialized site whose sole purpose is to organize and manage groups.

Local gaming groups

As of the time of writing (February 2017) I am proud to say that none of the local gaming groups listed charge for membership fees. Some of the groups do accept voluntary donations to cover group costs.

As an organizer of one of these local groups, and personally knowing the organizers of the other local groups listed below I can honestly say  the aim of all of these groups is to create a pleasant atmosphere to enjoy board games. Having a fun time with like minded people is the goal, and I am glad to say they achieve that.

Ventura County Boardgamers on Facebook. This Facebook group is a companion to this website, it is a place for discussion and for organizing impromptu gaming events. (Full disclosure: I am the organizer of that Facebook group)

Ventura County Strategy Boardgamers

Regular events in various locations the Thousand Oaks, Ventura, and Oxnard areas. This group has been meeting for over 6 years and has held over 1100 meetups. For a full calendar of events, kindly check out the Ventura County Strategy Boardgamers Meetup group. (Full disclosure: I am the organizer of this Meetup group).



Oxnard Tabletop and Board Game Group

Fortnightly events in Oxnard. Ryan is the organizer and hosts a great Saturday game day at a church. There is plenty of space and a friendly atmosphere. Don’t forget to RSVP on the Oxnard Tabletop and Board Game Group Meetup group.


Simi Valley Gamers

Monthly events in Simi Valley. Regular Saturday events are held on the 4th Saturday of every month in the east end of the valley. The organizers Blake, Julia, and Chris run a very friendly group, great for beginners and long time gamers.


For the latest details, please RSVP on the Simi Valley Gamers Meetup group. The Simi Valley Gamers also has a Facebook page, and a website called Games for the Community.

Conejo Valley Boardgames

A new group based around Agoura Hills. Check out their Meetup group for more details.

Since July 2017 the group has been meeting at Game Ogre, in Westlake Village, on Thursday afternoons from 3pm-6pm.

Game Developers Meetup

Game Developers Meetup

A new game development group based at Hub101 in Westlake Village. Check out their Meetup group for more details.

Disclaimer : Information here is subject to change, check out the individual meetup group for the latest information, calendar, and other details.

Updated: 17th July 2017 – added to the Conejo Valley Boardgames Meetup