Founded by Adrian in late 2009, by 2012 the Ventura County Strategy Boardgamers Meetup group had settled in a regular routine with around 2 meetups a week. Tuesday night was the cornerstone of the calendar, with weekend meetups adding more gaming opportunities . The Tuesday group had outgrown a few venues until we settled into Greg’s Offices in early November 2010. At last we had enough space to grow without restriction.

The first special event organized by the group was GREGCON 2012. It’s success proved that we had enough interest to hold special single day events. There are details of the special events we held that year.

GREGCON 2012 – 8th September 2012

Games played at GREGCON 2012 included: Castles of Burgundy, Ivanhoe, Vinhos, Warriors of God, Settlers of Catan (+some expansions), Jet Set, Dog, Telestrations, Get Bit, Stone Age, 1812 Invasion of Canada, Kingdom Builder, Battlestar Galactica (+ expansions) x2, Eminent Domain x2, Andean Abyss, Libertalia… and possibly also Shadows over Camelot.

Random quotes from GREGCON 2012

"Better then last year! I didn't think they could top 2011 but I was wrong, 
Gregcon 2012 did it! Bacon what more can you say?"
"I'm not sure what it says about me that I choose to hang out with you people..."

BALTARFEST 2012 – 11th November 2012

BALTARFEST 2012 was organized for two reasons: it was a dummy run for the upcoming  FATDOG 2012, and it also coincided with my 100th game of Battlestar Galactica. Gen kindly provided the clubhouse at her community, and helped to arrange food and snacks for the hungry cylons.

Games played at BALTARFEST 2012 include:Vegas, For Sale, At Worlds End, A Few Acres of Snow, Star Trek Deck Building Game: TOS, Twilight Struggle and …something else….oh yes, 9 yes nine games of Battlestar Galactica.

Random quotes from BALTARFEST 2012

"Lab coat acquired - BALTARFEST is on!"
"How did I get conscripted into attending against my will!??? 
Outrage I cry! My Centurions will not stand for this!"

FATDOG 2012 – 23rd November 2012

With BALTARFEST 2012 behind us we soon arranged FATDOG 2012. A full day of open gaming, and our first of the DOG days. Gen again provided the venue and helped with food, and organizing. A whole bunch of people helped out but lots of thanks to Sudro with his cooking skills.

The Fatdog name was something I shamelessly stole from another group. It simply means:

FATDOG = Friday After Thanksgiving Day Of Gaming

Games played included (that I noted):
7 wonders x2, Star Trek Deck building game: TOS, Lord of the Rings TCG, San Juan, Transeuropa x2?, No Thanks! x 4+, Wizard x2+, Pantheon, Vegas x2, Zooloretto, Tsuro, Eclipse, Alhambra, Arkham Horror, Cards Against Humanity, Lords of Waterdeep x2, Telestrations, Glory to Rome, Merchant of Venus, For Sale, Incan Gold, Mexican Train x2, Archaeology, Star Trek: Fleet Captains and Battlestar Galactica x 8.

Also of note were a few group milestones, it was my 200th attendance and it was also one short of the groups 300th meetup. With over 32 in attendance it was a big success.

Random quotes from FATDOG 2012

"I never lie during BSG, except when my lips move."
"I will be moving my bacon to an undisclosed location prior to the event so my 
fridge will be empty. :-)"
"You realize that if there is no actual bacon at this event, some mofo is going 
to get shanked."



“Bunch of muppet cylons”

13-March 2017

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