10×10 Challenge

Here is my progress so far on my (slightly BSG heavy)  10×10 Challenge. The traditional 10×10 Challenge is to play 10 different games, at least 10 times each.

My 10×10 Challenge is to play a lot of Battlestar Galactica (aka BSG). At least 70 games of BSG are required to satisfy that portion of the goal. With my annual total for the last few years averaging 80-110 games of BSG this should not be a large problem as long as my Tuesday night crowd of the Ventura County Strategy Boardgamers keep up our average of 2-3 games of BSG a week. This frequency should allow for a few non-BSG to distract me from time to time.

Game by GMT has only one row. This should not be too much of a problem, especially as I plan to go to both GMT West weekends this year. My ace in the hole for games published by GMT Games is the Knizia game Ivanhoe. Ivanhoe is a good filler game. At it’s core it is a simple counting based hand-taking games, so it is easy to teach. Special action cards add the strategic element that makes the game really shine. As the game involves a good amount of mental arithmetic I heartily recommend this in general, but especially to families with children.

The bottom row of the grid is a catch-all category, for those games that do not fir into another category. This row is the easiest to fill, the 10 games could be crossed off with Love Letter derived alone. Danger Zone!.

The other wargame category is causing me the most difficulty. I am averaging barely one non-GMT Games published wargame a month. This difficultly was expected when I started this 10×10 Challenge. My long term goal is to play more unplayed wargames, this challenge helps me to keep that goal in sight.

Here are my actual games played so far. This screen capture has been taken from BoardGameGeek (aka BGG). I use BGG to log my games played. If you would like to find out some of the reasons why I log my games played, see my article for more information. Hopefully the article will convince you to log your games played.

Gamed Played as per 23rd March 2017
Games played so far

23rd March 2017

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