A list of the articles on this site

NEW: Toy Drive for those affected by the Thomas Fire.

All about Battlestar Galactica – I play BSG way too much. Here you can find out why this is such a great board game. This article is very much a work in progress as I add more pictures, resources, and anecdotes. BSG features heavily in my 10×10 Challenge for 2017.

Analysis Paralysis – the AP problem is real. What it is, and how to deal with it.

Board Game Geek – A guide to the other best board game site on the internet.

Events – Gaming Events of interest to local gamers.

Local Game Groups – Want to have fun playing board games, check out these local gaming groups in Ventura County . This county wide interactive map alsoo shows game group information.

Local Game Stores – The local stores in Ventura where you can buy games and other hobby supplies, and possibly play games too. This county wide interactive map also shows stores information.

Local Gaming Map – An interactive map of gaming resources in Ventura County.

Logging your games played – All about why a gamer would want to log the games they have played. Advantages and helpful information on how to record the information is also included.

Links – A smörgåsbord of game related links, on all subjects. This is an ongoing work in progress as I am always finding new sites of interest or usefulness.

Games we played – Why a game group should post a list of the games that were played.

Here is a list of the games played so far in 2017 by the VCSB Meetup Tuesday group. This helps to show the types of games we play, and how often we play them.

Glossary – A short and sweet Glossary of gaming terms primarily aimed at the beginner.

Photo Galleries

Various photos from the Ventura County Strategy Boardgamers Meetup Group.

Photos from VCSB special game day events from 2012, GREGCON, BALTARFEST, and FATDOG.

As an ongoing process, I am adding the gaming related photo montages that I have created. These are from a variety of my gaming activities.

Upcycle Punchboards – Board games often come with die-cut punch board full of interesting shaped holes. Why not donate that waste cardboard to younger kids for reuse as a drawing template.

1st March 2017; updated 14th December 2017

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