If you want to find out about local board gaming in Ventura County, I suggest you check out the Local Gaming Groups , and Local Gaming Stores pages on this site. This information is also shown in a snazzy Google map on the Ventura County Tabletop Gaming map page.


If that is too much data to look over then I suggest you simply check out the Ventura County Strategy Boardgamers meetup group. It’s a great group to discover the wonderful world of modern board games. Full disclosure, I am the organizer of the group.

If you want to discuss board games, or board game events there is also a Ventura County Boardgamers Facebook group. Full disclosure, I am the organizer of the group.

Back to the About blurb…

This site was primarily created by a man who likes board games a little too much, and just happens to live in Sunny Southern California, USA. My goal is to promote modern board gaming in and around Ventura County. The method is to promote gaming groups, game stores, and game events in the local community.

A thriving board gaming scene is good for the community, it is good for local businesses, and it provides me with more local board gaming opportunities.


My name is Tim, I have played board games for over 35 years and have been an organizer of the Ventura County Strategy Boardgamers group on Meetup since 2010.

Starting with a few people meeting once a week, the group has now held over 1100 meetups and has over 150 active members. In addition to special DOG (Day of Gaming) events, we hold regular gaming events every week.

Along with my good friend Karl, I am the co-organizer of the Wargame Bootcamp. Our role is to teach historical board games to both beginners and existing gamers. We game locally in the Los Angeles area and also travel to gaming conventions where we spread our enthusiasm and enjoyment for games about history. The Wargame Bootcamp has a Facebook page, and a Guild on Board Game Geek.

My BoardGameGeek (aka BGG) username is oi_you_nutter.

In conjunction with this VenturaCountyBoardGamers.com website there is a Ventura County Boardgamers Facebook group. The Facebook group is an informal place to discuss board gaming and geeky culture.


About updated: 27th June 2017

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