3500 games played, 10×10 update and TableTop DOG 2017

This is a longer post with three, no make that four main topics.

First, let me focus on one of the reasons why I started gaming back when I was a young pre-teenager. After my father bought me a second-hand library book on WW2 I gained an avid interest in history.  Back in the 1970’s historical wargame’s were they only type of ‘real’ games available for me to play with my brother, and my school friends. So a connection between history and board games was formed that continues to this day. Therefore it was great to see an airworthy B-29 named FiFi at Camarillo Airport. My inner historian, coupled with the rampant gamer , immediately wants to break out a game involving Boeing B-29 bombers. Wrooommm.

3500 Games Played

It was only when I got back from last weekends GMT West “Weekend at the warehouse” did I realize that I had passed the grand total of 3500 games played. And by games played I actually mean games that I have logged on BoardGameGeek. The number of 3500 does not include all the board, and card, games that I have ever played. I first began logging my games played back in 2007, and my start was rather erratic. I have covered my thoughts, suggestion, and ideas for game logging, in too much depth, in an separate article here.

Let me sum up some snippets based on these 3500 game playes:

  1. I have played Battlestar Galactica 521 times, and it is still a great game.
  2. With 68 plays, Codenames is my most played party game.
  3. My most logged wargame is Labyrinth: The War on Terror with 58 plays. This is a game when I was proud to take part in the playtest process.
  4. The game that made me hit 3500 logged games was Cards Against Humanity. This game is one where you actually do not want to play it too often. It is a horrible game, for horrible people. I am a horrible person. With the right people this game is an absolute hilarious experience, and we do not bother tracking who won.
  5. Despite playing the game 15 times, I have never won a game of  Wings For The Baron. Even so, it is a great economic-wargame hybrid.
  6. Some games I play for the benefit of other people. With 46 plays, Battle Cry is a game I purchased primarily for use at the Wargame Bootcamp as an introductory wargame.
  7. There are 279 games that I have played only once each.
  8. I have met many good people, and a few not so good people playing these games. I have also made many good friends playing these games.
  9. I still cannot effectively shuffle cards, and dice still hate me.

My twisted 10×10 Challenge for 2017

For a joke I twisted the standard 10×10 Challenge into a BSG focused grid. My joke backfired on me as I committed myself to the challenge. After a few hectic weeks of gaming it was about time for me to update my 10×10 grid.

10x10 grid
10×10 grid with the games played so far in 2017
Games played
Games played so far in 2017

This Saturday is TableTop DOG 2017 on International Table Top Day

I am hurriedly plotting activities for the attendees at this weekends TableTop DOG in Oxnard. This is our 4th event on Table Top Day. With over 40 people already signed up we are expecting a bigger event than last years event.

As this is an official Table Top Day event there will be kiddie and family friendly games at hand; along with the usual mix of euro, strategy, wargame, thematic, and party games we normally play.



GMT West – 20th to 23rd April 2017


GMT West aka The Weekend at the Warehouse is a twice yearly gaming event that takes place at the GMT Games warehouse in Hanford, California. GMT basically let a bunch of rabid gamers take over their warehouse for 4 days, and what a great job the GMT staff do in accommodating us.

The cool thing is 80-100+ gamers take over the warehouse, stare in awe at stacks of impressive games, and then we get to play all sorts of games, not just games published by GMT Games themselves. There are usually a number of game designers in attendance. You get to talk with these game designers, and play their new game designs. Many gamers have aspirations to design a game themselves. It is always enlightening to talk with an actual game designer who have turned that desire into an actual game.

Let us not forget Mike Lam who runs a Down In Flames area, and has been doing so for donkey’s years.

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Games were already in full swing when I arrived in the early afternoon.


The weekend was in full swing on Friday. The squeaky ceiling vent was oiled, but the nearby welders added their symphony of noises to replace


The main day of the Weekend started with doughnuts, was punctuated with copious pizza, and ended with a great game of Battlestar Galactica. So say we all!.


By Sunday people are beginning to travel home. After the noise and commotion of Saturday, peace descends on the warehouse.

Many thanks to the GMT staff for hosting another successful weekend. It was good to see a bunch of regulars, and to meet a bunch of new people.


25th April 2017

Link to all the photos in a Flickr Album