This is part of a series of articles on how to run a (board gaming) group in the modern age. The advice in this article is quite general in nature , and can thus apply to any meeting of a public group.

In today’s connected world it is wise to have a photo/social media policy for your group. To allow people to see it, knowing that most people will not bother to read it anyway, but some will. So post your policy anyway, it might avoid some future awkwardness. I state that as I have had to deal with a few photo related issues as a game group organizer.

Public Versus Private Events

Many gaming groups are public events; either held in a public place, or arranged as by a public gaming group. In a public event there is an expectations that people will take pictures, and then post those pictures to social media, or post them on a public website. Hence, it is wise to have a policy in advance. I wish that I had thought about it before my first take-down request. It was not easy for that individual to approach me, a person they did not know, and request that I deleted a photo of them. I was happy to do so then, and that still applies today.

If you are gaming in a home, with friends or family, then this does not really apply. Even so, be gracious and heed people’s requests.

Photo Quality

It goes without saying that people should only post pictures that make the subjects look good, both the games and the gamers. Think about the composition of the photos. If necessary edit them afterwards.

My Short And Sweet Photo Policy

If you do not want your picture taken,
or if you do not want your picture tagged with your name,
or if you do not want any game content photographed,
or if a picture is posted that you want removed
THEN your request will be respected, and followed as soon as possible without argument. Any such request will be heeded without any need for explanation as to the reasons why.

Reasons Why People May Not Want Their Photo Posted

  1. They are designing a new game/expansion, and do not want any publicity.
  2. They are play testing a game/expansion for someone else, and have a Non Disclosure Agreement.
  3. They do not want their picture taken.
  4. Err….

That’s enough reasons. There are lot’s of reasons why someone may not like their photo taken, or their name tagged, but the actual reason is not important. Making the person feel comfortable is the important issue. Post a Policy, and follow it. That is all.

16th May 2017