GMT West – 20th to 23rd April 2017


GMT West aka The Weekend at the Warehouse is a twice yearly gaming event that takes place at the GMT Games warehouse in Hanford, California. GMT basically let a bunch of rabid gamers take over their warehouse for 4 days, and what a great job the GMT staff do in accommodating us.

The cool thing is 80-100+ gamers take over the warehouse, stare in awe at stacks of impressive games, and then we get to play all sorts of games, not just games published by GMT Games themselves. There are usually a number of game designers in attendance. You get to talk with these game designers, and play their new game designs. Many gamers have aspirations to design a game themselves. It is always enlightening to talk with an actual game designer who have turned that desire into an actual game.

Let us not forget Mike Lam who runs a Down In Flames area, and has been doing so for donkey’s years.

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Games were already in full swing when I arrived in the early afternoon.


The weekend was in full swing on Friday. The squeaky ceiling vent was oiled, but the nearby welders added their symphony of noises to replace


The main day of the Weekend started with doughnuts, was punctuated with copious pizza, and ended with a great game of Battlestar Galactica. So say we all!.


By Sunday people are beginning to travel home. After the noise and commotion of Saturday, peace descends on the warehouse.

Many thanks to the GMT staff for hosting another successful weekend. It was good to see a bunch of regulars, and to meet a bunch of new people.


25th April 2017

Link to all the photos in a Flickr Album

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