878 Vikings on Kickstarter

878: Vikings - Invasion of England

After already owning the previous Birth of America Series games from Academy Games. I have been eagerly awaiting the Kickstarter campaign for this game on my own country.

Here is a brief description for the upcoming game: 878 Vikings – Invasions of England

Gain fame, riches and a new home as the Vikings voyaging to England, or defend your Kingdom and Christendom from the pagan hordes!

878 Vikings is an area control game in which 2 – 4 players play as the invading Vikings or the English nobles who are trying to withstand the invasion. Viking players control the Norsemen Viking freemen and the fearless Viking shock troops known as Berserkers. The English control the King’s Housecarls and the landholding Thegn noblemen.


Compared to some of the other Kickstarter campaigns in progress at this moment, this one will definitely raise enough money to fund, but it will not make the megabucks that some of the others have made.

Academy Games have a proven record for delivering top notch games. The base of the previous games have allowed them to hone the game mechanics, while adding some changes to add flavor to a solid game system.

The other attributes that appeal to me

  • 2-4 players makes for flexibility in playing the game.
  • Short playing time. A challenging game in a short time.
  • Team play, two sides with 4-players made for co-operation and conflict.
  • Engaging family-friendly  euro game mechanics.
  • Short game rules make for a beginner friendly game.
  • Enough strategy to appeal to an experienced gamer.
  • High quality and visually appealing components.
  • Historical theme allows the teaching of history while you play. Good for schools and families with kids.

This game will make a great addition to the library of the Wargame Bootcamp (Facebook, BGG Guild). It is easy to learn, fast to play, and supports team play. I would recommend that you check out the Kickstarter campaign. As always with any crowdfunding campaign, be aware of the risks and the rewards.

“Yes, I have been drunk there”

17th March 2017

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