Game play logging

My involvement with board gaming began in my early teens. That was a log time ago in the early computer and pre-BoardGameGeek era.

BoardGameGeek ( aka BGG) started in the year 2000 and I was not aware of this amazing site about board games site until a few years later . Despite the early start with gaming I only began to log the games that I played in 2007. I have now logged almost 3500 board game plays.

To log a game play is to record the game name, where and when the game was played, and other associated details like who played, who won and so forth.

The specific reason why I originally began to log my game plays is lost. Since then I found the information to be useful in a variety of unexpected ways.

During a lull in the second game of Battlestar Galactica (aka BSG) of thst Tuesday evening one of the relative newcomers to the group came to have a look at the game I was playing. Having done so many times before I gave a well polished blurb about BSG along the lines of “It’s a co-operative game, with hidden traitors called cylons. The game is driven by Crisis cards, you must identify which side people are on blah blah blah“. As I often do when BSG is being discussed, I proudly exclaimed that I had played BSG over 500 times.
A look of amazement and confusion filled the newcomer face. This is not the first time that I have seen that look, so I knew how to respond. Experience had taught me to not declare that I log all the games that I play. This usually results in a greater look of amazement that is now tinged with pity. The conversation was quickly steered back to which game they were planning to play next. 
It is slightly disheartening to have to repeatedly explain my reasons for logging the games played.  This is a large part of the reason why I wrote an article on the subject.
To be honest, remembering that I have played BSG over 500 times is easy for me. Five hundred is a nice round number. And being a man who is better at technical things I have a great memory for certain “important” details. If you are in a quiz and you desperately need to know the caliber in millimeters, in ascending order, of the main armament of every German tank and tank destroyer of WW2. I am your man. This very male skill has it’s downsides, I am bad at remembering dates or anniversaries, unless that date was that of D-Day. By the way, D-Day was the 6th of June 1944.

Tim aka I play too many games
10th March 2017

On an associated note, I believe that game groups should publicize the list of game played. There are many advantages of doing this and I detail them in this article.


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